Four Horsemen Haunted Attractions is Portland’s premier realm of terror, featuring 18,000 square feet of fear and fun. There are no cheap tricks and dirty scare tactics here. This is live cinema, complete with Hollywood-grade set and costume design. In fact, Four Horseman Haunted Attractions is so impressive; it has recently been the primary production location for a number of Portland filmmakers. Want to know what it is like on the inside of a horror movie? Think you can survive? This is your chance to find out. But be sure to reserve your spot now as this year’s haunt will be the most sought after and talked about Halloween destination in the Portland metro-area. Don’t miss out!

Last year, in 2013, our attrations were PRIMUS and HellHouse

Primus Haunted House

Primus (Latin) meaning the first, prime, or origin.


Welcome to Primus; an advanced subterranean ancient civilization recently discovered within the depths of the earth. It predates any human civilization known to man. While researching what lead to this isolated group's extraordinary evolution and advancement, scientists discovered a wide variety of strange organisms and fungi that still exist solely within the cavern. This scientific team began research on a specific mushroom, code named Specimen Zero; a species of fungi that would soon provide advances in food, medicine, and genetic science. The government selected Vertigo Industries to oversee the discovery and began the process of excavating and researching the site. However, in the weeks following the discovery, scientific team members started going missing and behaving strangely. Unknown to the scientists, undetected endospores containing DNA from ancient species from the Cretaceous were present, causing uncontrollable and sometimes fatal mutation.

HellHouse Haunted House


Every year there are hundreds of unsolved missing person cases in the Pacific Northwest. We have all heard the legend of the HellHouse, the tales of the monstrous family of serial killers that captured, tortured, and murdered victims in their house deep within the wilderness. But nobody has ever found the house, or at least lived to tell the tale.


An indie-film group has begun their search for the legendary HellHouse in hopes of creating the next big thing in found footage horror. Following the trail with what little evidence is available, they set out to capture what no one else could. But what they found was far more terrifying than anything they could have ever imagined...


Killer Bio's Coming Soon

Other Areas & attractions

Four Horsemen Lobby

Our Themed Lobby is the hub for the rest of our attractions, which include our Main Stage, Themed Photo Opt, Gift Shop, and Concessions. Photo Opts are available as well as our very own SCAREcams!

The Main Stage

Nightly entertainment and music can be found on The Main Stage. On select nights, special events may take place after hours. See our Schedule & Events Page for more information.

Themed Photo Opt

Come get your photo taken with a character at our themed photo op. Available all operational nights. Our photos are taken by a professional photographer, and printed on-site.


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